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Do you have an innovative idea for a software application? Are you in need of a Custom-Software Developer or SQL-Server Database Expert?

We recognize the importance of your SQL Server databases and business software, and understand how important these technology assets are to your profitability. We welcome the opportunity to help you increase your competitiveness by listening to your needs and proposing a solution.

Whether you are creating a Microsoft SQL Server Database software solution, creating or enhancing a web site, or developing other custom software for your business, we will review your project requirements and provide a professional quote.

Mike Eberhart is our primary SQL-Server Database Consultant and Software Developer who is ready to help you achieve success! If you have a larger project that may require additional skilled resources, Mike can draw upon his many highly-qualified IT contacts that he has formed over 25 years in the industry, and refer technologists with skills in nearly all aspects of modern software, networking, cloud, and multi-platform mobile application development.

We have familiarity with a wide range of business domains and have experience working with both proven and leading-edge software development tools and technologies. We have substantial petrochemical / oil industry experience (inventory, pricing, exposure, taxation) in addition to healthcare, manufacturing, business and consumer services, online sales, and other custom software and technology systems.

Guaranteed Results

Intersoft Development's software development and database design expertise helps you maximize the ROI and productivity of your software development efforts.

  • Lower total costs because we produce properly designed software from the start;
  • Quicker delivery thanks to our expertise and proven methodology;
  • Reduced risk since we can guarantee results;
  • Superior solutions because we plan ahead — enabling cost-effective future modifications and enhancements.

Our guaranteed application development, software consulting, and project outsourcing capabilities are exactly what you are looking for.

  • face a tight deadline and need additional talent to augment your programming & software development staff quickly;
  • lack the in-house expertise to achieve your Software Development & Information Technology objectives;
  • need to enhance or support a program written by an ex-employee, but no one knows how it works anymore;
  • inherit a poorly-designed SQL-Server database that requires some serious performance tuning;
  • need an outside opinion or insight to help you set a direction and get your projects moving forward.

Envision yourself completing software development projects on time and on budget. Picture yourself enjoying a well-deserved break and see yourself actually resting on the weekend, taking comfort that everything is under control and progressing faster than you thought possible.

Make your dreams a reality, and reap the rewards of our exclusive formula for successful software development. Intersoft Development gives you all the computer software consulting, database developer, and web design resources you need to take control of your projects.

Mainstream Technology

Custom SQL Server database applications are our forté at Intersoft Development. Our consultants excel at Microsoft SQL-Server database modeling, design, tuning / optimization, and development / programming (including SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 / 2008-R2, SQL Server 2012 and SQL 2014).

Our custom software and web / intranet software solutions incorporate modern, mainstream technologies: C# and other Microsoft DotNet products, HTML5, JavaScript (and various JS frameworks), CSS3, XML, SVG, Typescript, Dart, Delphi, and C/C++.

We also implement supporting software-development products and solutions including formal data-modeling and Source Code Version Control systems such as Subversion, Git, and Mercurial (hg).

Software Development Map

Microsoft Solutions

SQL-Server Consulting since 1995

We deliver a superior level of technical expertise and quality software solutions featuring Microsoft products.

We specialize in MS SQL-Server and guarantee our work! Our consultants are also skilled in a variety of other Microsoft products and technologies — C#,, TypeScript, Office, etc.

Engage Intersoft Development with confidence.

Microsoft SQL-Server Upgrades

Realizing SQL-Server's Full Potential

Intersoft Development emphatically recommends Microsoft SQL-Server for business-critical and potent database applications.

If you are currently using SQL-Server for your business applications, we can make sure you are taking advantage of its features and capabilities. We can help you migrate from SQL-Server 2005 or 2008 / 2008r2 and realize the benefits of SQL Server 2012.